Meaning-Centered Art Therapy  

Do you feel like your life needs a change or new strength? Or are you interested in using art therapy to help others? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, LogoArt is probably appropriate for you.

There are times when life stops us in our tracks. Such moments present a prime opportunity to pause and consider what life is trying to ask us. How will we respond? When you feel stuck in the past or held back by painful experiences, you can turn to LogoArt® therapy, and find a way to move forward again. And even when life is going well, LogoArt® can be a valuable tool to open your mind to new levels of understanding. 

Developed by Marianne da Silva Prado, LogoArt® Meaning-Centered Art Therapy is a method that can help you get stronger, gain insight into your inner self, and set your creativity free. Due to its guiding method, LogoArt® differs from many other art therapies. The intention is to guide not only how to make changes in the painting, but also how to make changes in life. In addition, LogoArt® aims to assist in finding meaning in one's life. In LogoArt®, the philosophical insights of logotherapy and the amazing effects of art therapy come together. The connection between the soul and the paintbrush is frank.

After training and certifying LogoArt therapists together for more than a decade, Marianne da Silva Prado and Irmeli Lehtioksa have written and published a comprehensive LogoArt therapy handbook with strong coverage of both theory and practice. Beautifully illustrated with colorful pictures, the book also includes several real-life example cases to provide additional inspiration and insight.

Originally, the LogoArt®: Meaning-Centered Art Therapy book was intended for practicing art therapists and students as a resource for more in-depth information and more detailed instructions for client work.  However, anyone, who is looking to increase their self-knowledge and creativity, gain new balance, and become more empowered can benefit from this book. The exercises are designed to be done either alone or under guidance.

In-depth theory:

Powerful practical tools:

LogoArt® therapist training program

Educators: Marianne da Silva Prado and Irmeli Lehtioksa

Associate in Logotherapy with Specialization in Art Therapy

The basic training to become a certified LogoArt® therapist lasts two and a half years. The program includes LogoArt philosophy, the basics of logotherapy, literature reviews, personal practice, and practice working with clients. In addition to the 16 on-site instruction units (452 hours), the training also includes 519 distance learning hours. The course topics are taught chronologically, each unit building on previously learned knowledge and skills. Completing the required study units with the approved 20-page final project (218 study hours) leads to a diploma awarded by the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy (USA) and accreditation by Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Wien, Austria 

Currently, we offer courses only in Finnish in Finland and in Portuguese in Brazil, but in English in the future as well. 

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