Meaning-Centered Art Therapy Textbook 

Featuring a diverse discussion of LogoArt® Therapy, this is the perfect handbook for LogoArt® therapists and a comprehensive guide for those painting independently. Working on the exercises can improve self-knowledge and bring about empowerment. 

With 179 pages filled with information and colorful pictures, the LogoArt®: Meaning-Centered Art Therapy book is the first one. It was published in Finnish in May 2021 and in English in July 2022.

Be sure to get your copy from the first limited printing!

Physical copy measurements: 210 mm x 297 mm (8.3 in x 11.7 in) 

Order the first edition of LogoArt®: Meaning-Centered Art Therapy book at the price of €43.00 ($47.00 US)/piece + postage depending on the destination: 

* Europe €16,10.

*Other countries €23.00 ($25,00 US). 

Or if you are interested in buying multiple copies...

In case you want to order several books at once, send an email to irmeli.lehtioksa@gmail.com to receive an additional discount on your purchase.

Warmest wishes from Marianne da Silva Prado and Irmeli Lehtioksa, 

the authors of LogoArt®: Meaning-Centered Art Therapy. 

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